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ItsDonated Form
Thank you for donating your boat with ItsDonated! Completing this online questionnaire about your boat and trailer, to the best of your ability, will help us get you maximum value in less time. Remember, vessels receive more value when donors include more information. If you don't have the answer to a question, just write "I don't know." We will start the process immediately after receiving your information. Thank you in advance for your time.

Personal Information

Contact Information

Boat Location

Boat Location Details

Note where the boat is stored (different from home address)

Facility Details

Please note any outstanding fees or other details relevant to the boat's storage and pick up
Storage Address

Note any other details or potential difficulties relevant to the boat's pick up

Boat Specs

Please use decimals (e.g. 12'3" would be written as 12.25)

Width at widest point in the waterline

HIN is required for the purpose of tax deduction

Sailboat Information

Note any missing items or parts and any repairs that are needed

Engine Information

Describe service record, maintanence & care, or known issues

Boat Condition

The more information you can provide us about the boat in question, the more confident potential buyers feel about investing. A detailed and accurate listing tends to be much more successful than a vague one.

Please note any exterior & interior problems, rips , tears, broken items, etc.

If you are including any items with the boat (lifejackets, radar, etc.) please note them here.

Please explain the water damage in "Boat Background"

Please briefly detail your ownership history including last date of use and reason for donating.

Trailer Information

Please describe overall condition of trailer & note any other important details or features in your answer


Regarding possession of the title or state equivalent on the boat (and motor if required by state)

ItsDonated may be able to accept your boat without title. Some states provide title exceptions under certain circumstances. ItsDonated reserves the right to refuse any donation for lack of title.

ItsDonated Form
ItsDonated only provides a tax donation value to the person listed as the owner of the vessel on the title. I, the donor, understand by submitting this document my vessel will sell in approximately ten business days and the purchaser will pick up the vessel.

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